User Research: 01 Digital Cultural Probe

Jerry’s Persona Analysis
Questions on Jerry’s Research Experience
  • What online resources would you use for your everyday design processes?
  • What would you hope to achieve?
  • How long would you spend searching weekly?
  • What aspects of the online resources did you find useful?
  • Online resources and offline resources, which ones would you prefer?
  • What improvements you believed should be made for online resources?
  1. An email would be sent to the subject.
  2. A mood board designed by the subject is required in order to demonstrate and evaluate the subject’s user persona and art style.
  3. The subject would be asked to upload 3 screen recordings of him using an online resource (archive, Pinterest, youtube, etc.).
  4. The subject would be asked to then take 3 images of offline resources (magazines, newspapers, primary sources, etc.) he used.
  5. Finally, a screenshot of his screen-use time of the entire week.
  6. Probe Bonus: finish answering questions and get an award of one-month VIP/Premium for any resource platform.
  7. All tasks would be given a week-long time to complete.
Jerry’s Moodboard Work
Jerry’s Pinterest Searching Experience (recording)
Screen-use Time



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Interaction design major at Parsons School of Design.