User Research: 02 Structured Interview


In a recent interview conducted with Yiseul LeMieux, my partner, the goals are to figure out what are my partner’s research interests and what kind of group projects she might be interested in working on. Also, because of the virtual environment this year due to Covid-19, it’s helpful to understand her opinions on how the group should be determined for group projects.


An effective interview should have open-ended questions with follow-up prompts that encourage the user to express more than “yes” or “no”. In order to achieve the goals, the interview questions will surround the following keywords:

  • research interests
  • partners
  • devices / tools

Interview Transcript

Q1: What role do you usually play in a group project?

Yiseul’s Project Themes


After the interview, Yiseul’s user empathy map is created according to her answers. The map includes four contents: says, thinks, does, and feels, with a purpose to understand the user’s behaviors and attitudes.

Empathy Map



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Interaction design major at Parsons School of Design.